Title IX Coordinator Overview of MN Sexual Assault Law

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Kathryn Nash and Carl Crosby Lehmann to Present Minnesota Campus Sexual Assault Legal Update-Title IX Coordinator Overview of MN Sexual Assault Law at Gray Plant Mooty

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Minnesota’s “Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy” law adds to the myriad of regulations Minnesota colleges and universities must follow in addressing sexual assaults on their campuses. Institutions are required to provide state specific training to extend their training to investigators, adjudicators,confidential resources, first responders, and campus security personnel. Minnesota based trainED offers trainings to help you satisfy these training requirements before the law takes effect August 1.

Join us for a special training designed to help you understand what your institution needs to know about Minnesota’s new law. Our morning session is geared toward Title IX Coordinators, providing an overview of their legal requirements under the new law. We will focus on how the state law adds to and differs from the current responsibilities under federal laws including Title IX, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, Clery Act, and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. In particular, we will focus on the state law’s mandatory training obligations, online complaint system requirements, and annual reporting requirements to the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.