AAUP Publishes Report on 'Uses and Abuses of Title IX'

The American Association of University Professors issued a draft report today entitled “The History, Uses and Abuses of Title IX.” The report criticizes the direction of Title IX enforcement since 2011, and the threat faculty sexual harassment regulations pose to academic freedom. The report argues that Title IX enforcement inadequately protects due process and threatens […]


A study published this month by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that football game days at Division 1 schools are associated with a spike in reported rapes by college-aged students in those areas. The researchers analyzed data reported by campuses and local agencies. This allowed them to compare the data from football game […]


A new study published this week by the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs found that 18% of women reported being a victim of incapacitated rape (IR) before entering college. Another 15% reported being a victim of IR during their first year of college. The study provides at least two important lessons for institutions as […]

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A report by the University of Michigan demonstrates just how important it is to conduct sexual assault climate surveys on college campuses in order to better focus an institution’s resources. The University of Michigan publicized an internal survey of its students’ experiences with sexual misconduct. While the percentage of undergraduate women who had been touched, kissed, […]


The University of Minnesota is debating whether to join a growing number of higher education institutions and some states in adopting an affirmative consent or “yes means yes” standard for its sexual misconduct policy. The new rule, which was slated to take effect in July but postponed until September for further debate by the Regents, […]